AMA 4 Analysis

Listed below are all the questions answered in AMA 4 with respective time codes. Did you get your question answered?

  1. Are you tired of winning yet? – SpaceJew (00:02:00)

DM: If this is winning, then yes, I am tired of it.

MC: You know who is not tired of winning? Those goddamn Jews.

M: I miss 2016 so much.

2. Why did you change the symbol of the Murdochs’ from generation identitaire to British union fascist? – Frank Trim (00:03:35)

DM: I did not like Generation Identiaire.

M: It was a basic symbol that conveyed our ideas.

3. DAAAARLIIIING Question for MC: I know you’re a big fan of Urusei Yatsura & praised the series as a “loveletter to traditional gender roles”. since Sango & Miroku actually manage it to have children – wouldn’t that make them technically more based than Ataru & Lum? big fan of the show (from Germany, SH & immer vorwärts bis zum Endsieg, Kameraden!), thank you all so much for providing us with whitepills and everything you have done for the movement so far! Metamorphosis and Conjugator are clearly my favorites & Waiting for the Superman was exactly the episode i wanted to see, love you guys, that was fukken baste. pwease notice me, senpai! :3 (please also greet the based Lumbrit, thank you!) — Frater ANPV BAiL-ShM (00:05:10)

MC: I like Lumb better. She’s bratty, she’s spunky, and she’s electrocuting everybody.

M: Thousands of WN are listening to Inuana right now.

4. If the west finally dies and you had to flee the U.S. and immigrate to another white country to avoid persecution, where would you go? – xAeschylusx (00:07:55)

DM: Argentina, Idaho, Montana  

MC: Poland

M: Poland

5. Will you guys help me propose to my redpilled wheatfields girlfriend? This isn’t a LARP, I picked out a ring the other day and I am waiting for it to be resized. If you read this in the video, Flower, lets get married and save the white race. Love you guys, hope you are well, keep your rifles by your side. – B.F (00:09:28)

DM: Flower lets get married. You need to marry that goyim!

MC: Blossom some babies.

M:  Flower marry him now.

6. Would you guys be alright with making DVD boxsets for your videos over the years? And if so, how would you say is best to divide the episodes… by year or by timeline? Would be willing to send you some, too. — Christopher Lugot (00:11:44)

DM: Order it is published.

MC: Get out doxxer and do it by year.

M: Do it your own way.

7. What do you think about the plan to get Tucker Carlson to run for office? Do you think the man is capable of being the superman we need? – Leeroy Sinclair (00:13:37)

DM: No. In the end of the day, Tucker is playing party politics.

MC: He’s Gay.

M: Tucker will give us 4 more years of stagnancy.

8. Surfer here. Big fan of the show. Despite my moral stance against grifting, I’ve bought 3 shirts & a Murdoch Chan mug from you guys because I think what you do is great work & vital to our cause. Now, I’ve got to ask. If you guys really are true nationalists & believe in what you say on the show, why are your shirts made in the Dominican Republic & your mugs made in China? You’d think you guys would want to support your fellow Americans with the production of your merchandise, so why isn’t your merchandise made in the USA? Do you really believe in nationalism & a prosperous future for our people, or are you simply using us to shamelessly grift like Ethan Ralph or Nick Fuentes would do? – Drunken Surfer (00:19:25)

DM: We are WN not American nationalists. There are not any textile factories staffed by sympathetic white people.

MC: Companies that work with WN are professional doxxers and feds.  Even if it was made in USA it is probably going to be made by Mexicans, Chinese, or Dominicans living in the U.S.

M: Putting money into America would strengthen ZOG. We didn’t make ‘Face the Strange’ merch that profits off of Ebba’s death, so we aren’t like Ethan Ralph or Nick Fuentes.

9. I much admire the Gadsden Flash design on your merch shirts and have bought about 6 so far as well as several other great pieces of apparel from your account on Viral style. I am well pleased. I would very much like to place this image on a Large flag for rallies and personal display. May I copy the design for personal use or buy a one time right. I dont want to grab art unfairly. PS. I would GLADLY buy quality flags if you ever offer them. They would be great for activists to red pill normies! – WeSpeakAntique (00:28:27)

DM: We’re not going to doxx ourselves to sue you.

MC: You should make your own flags with our stuff and you can sell it.

M: You want to make some shit, make some shit.

10. Murdoch, what’s your favorite SummoningSalt video? I was very pleased to hear you bring up his channel previously. — CO’s Archive (00:30:27)

MC: That hooknose bastard.

M: The episode on Mega Man 2.

11. What is you guys favorite Japanese City pop album? – Unkono (00:31:05)

DM: Tishiki Katamatsu and After 5 Clash. Honorable mention to anything from Anri.

MC: I like Windows 96.

M: Sunshower. 

12. I’m here to address the elephant in the room. Is Murdoch Chan fat? – Reinhard Heydrich (00:35:15)

MC: Shut up doxxers.

M: She’s 4’3 and 320 pounds.

AtlanticRBLX: Murdoch Chan was my tutor. I can certify she’s fat.

13. dubbed or subbed and why? I like the Japanese performances. – Michael Porter (00:37:22)

DM: Subbed except for Cowboy Bebop.  

MC: Subbed.

M: Subbed.

14. Hi Murdoch Murdoch I am a long term fan but I am not white well not fully at least. I am half Asian Taiwanese actually, I just want to know how does someone like me help the movement? Edit: Question for Murdoch Chan. If I where to marry witch side should i marry? my Asian side or my european side (No disrespect I just want to get a prospective from a girls side). – MrTokyomasterpiece (00:38:23)

DM: Make whites aware and proudful of their identity. MC: You should identify with the race of your spouse.
M:  You just support our movement. We support you.

15. Why is down (July 21)? Have you seen Catboy Kami? – Valkrie2

DM: I had some genuine laughs from Catboy Kami. MC: Anybody that wants to recreate, go right ahead.
M: We don’t know, but, Cheekyvideos / 2 needs a ‘books’ section. Catboy Kami criticizes white nationalists then uses their talking points.

16. What do you guys think of the PEPE documentary featuring some of your content? They took some clips from the 2016 Meme war episode for the trailer. – OhNoScoob (00:47:10)

DM: The ADL / Jew groups have voiced out to Matt Furie and he took up the offer.
M: Why would the ADL want to put attention on us?

17. I know y’all are always using the “we aren’t relevant anymore” gag, but I hope you know it’s not true. Every time I see that y’all have posted, I call up my brother and we plan a watch party for that week. It gives us massive amount of joy and hope. I used last son of the west to fully explain to my wife what was in my heart and she finally understood why I am who I am. Once my son is old enough to understand, I will show him too. Keep fighting the good fight, and know you give so many of us hope. – Ian Flürrance (00:48:34)

DM: It is impossible how popular we are because shills, bots, and agendas.
MC: ZOG gives attention and popularity to whom they find useful.
M: Most of /pol/ likes us. Relevant to Who?

18. I noticed in one of your episodes that you had Heidegger as a hobo. I was wondering if you have explored the concepts of “authenticity” and “coping?” If you haven’t already read, I recommend Hubert Dreyfus’s work, “Being-in-the-World: A Commentary on Heidegger’s Being and Time” for an elaborate yet clear understanding. I feel these concepts are of the utmost importance in reviving the spirit of the European man and woman. – A concerned father who wants his son to thrive. – Adam Watts (00:52:18)

M: I agree with totality of being. I tried reading Heidegger’s book twice but failed.

19. Question for DM I’m trying to redpill my fellow church members (non-denominational) on the Jews but they still believe they’re the chosen people and use my age against me as having no experience am 21. Any advice on how to redpill them would be much appreciated. Love your show brings me hope every time my family watches it. — Blake Williams (00:55:20)

DM: Prove Jews rejected Christ, say Christianity is a reform of Judaism, present it that Jesus was trying to save Jews and they killed him. M: March of the Titans and Antichrist by Nietzsche formed my views of Christianity.

20. How do we make sure that we get good competent leaders who are pro-white? – Luka L (00:59:17)

MC: Communities should rise up and a leader should naturally rise.
M: There is no way to make sure.

21. What are the fellas beliefs in regards to pre-Egyptian white civilizations? What, if any, of these types of claims do you believe? What are your throughts on the accuracy of official ancient history today? – Yes Correct (01:01:08)

DM: Whites weren’t doing ape shit back then. M: I read half of March of Titans. We’ve been Homosapiens for a long time. Read the Ancient Paleolithic era in Ukraine.

22. Who are your favorite Presidents? Do you believe it’s still possible to elect a based leader in the West through conventional means? – Svantevit (01:10:36)

DM: Andrew Jackson and No. MC: Hamilton grew up with the Jews.
M: They should have put ‘race’ in the constitution.

23. Do you still think that you could have a “NS republic”? I recall this coming up in an early episode featuring Rockwell. Seems like an oxymoron to me based on European fascist literary works. – Alibaba (01:13:00)

DM: National socialism is a worldview and permanent state.
MC: Fascism doesn’t affect economics.
M: Fascism is a response which gets supported by the people.

24. Did real life Murdoch and Chan get married yet? – jcolterh (01:17:27)

MC: Yes it’s been years.

25. Chan: Recommended shows? YT channels? – BiggusGibbus (01:18:20)

MC: The Wats, Glen and Friend Cooking, American Test Kitchen, Paula Deen, Food Wishes, Pennies into Pearls, ReviewBra, Cooking with Jack, 90-Day Fiancé, and Midget show.

26. Thoughts on nazi ufos and hollow earth antarctica secret hitler bunker? – Gornjolf (01:19:50)

DM: Nazi UFOs and Hollow Earth are psyops/make-believe shit that demoralize Nazism. M: It’s okay to talk about Wonder Weapons, expedition to North Pole, and Hitler to Argentina. Anything past that is theoretical and unproven. 

27. SENPAIs, DO YOU LIKE MY MURDOCH MURDOCH ASMRS??? – Waifu Pillow (01:37:52)

MC: I don’t like hearing people eat. M: I like them.

28. favourite heavy metal band / which metal band do you think promotes european identity and the faustian spirit the best – LordAlmightyGod (01:38:55)

DM: Iron Maiden and ambient Black Metal.
MC: Steel Panther. M: Black Sabbath.

29. When will you give up the vice that is alcohol? – Fridelain (01:40:57)

DM: Limited alcohol can be good. MC: I drink alcohol every day.
M: Anti-alcohol is for faggots and it is disgusting for the Right Wing to be sober.

30. Hi everyone, love the show. I was just wondering if you could give some more insight as to the meaning of the ending scene in “Waiting for Superman” — my friends and I loved it and we all enjoyed filling in the ambiguity with our own interpretations. I personally saw a lot of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” in that episode and would love to hear anything else you wanted to say regarding that video. Love you guys. – Arya Apollyon (01:45:10)

DM: Doctor Murdoch represents Apollonian while Murdoch and Murdoch Chan represent Dionysian. M: Murdoch used Zarathustra verbatim at one point. I don’t hate Nietzsche or Schopenhauer. America was born in Apollo terms and Germany was born of Dionysus.

31. Do you guys still play vidya? If so, what do you play? — xAeschylusx (01:58:22)  

DM: Skyrim, Total War, Warhammer 2, and Halo 3.  MC: Me and Murdoch play Castle Crashers. M: Rogue Fable 3, Total War, and Halo 2

32. You guys are AWESOME I’m totally alone down here in a multicultural hell hole pushing 70 hours a week between 2 jobs, school and commutes… you guys keep me sane, you give me hope, you make me smile.. No questions here, just a shout out. Murdoch, Chan, and Doctor, you guys are awesome. I try to show you guys to as many people as I can. Looking forward to listening to the AMA Keep up the good work guys! — Deckard Cain (02:04:00)

DM: Be careful who you show us to.

33. I recently red-pilled some friends but they went hyperspeed into being extremely black pilled. What advice would you give to lift their spirits? P.s they are uber fans of you guys now and cant wait for new episodes – Moon Vlad (02:04:48)

DM: Charlottesville was a honeypot to shut down the Alt-Right down. James Fields was provoked, and street activism is more of a leftist thing. MC: YOU’RE NOT ALONE! James Fields was a hired mercenary. M: More people are aware of Jews because of us. James Fields was inevitable.

34. I have a theory that every nation state has a life cycle. It starts off homogenous, and that homogeneity is broken by either a minority group growing over time, immigration via legal or illegal means, etc. Then things break down and there is a period of struggle before a violent or peaceful separation of a nation, which restores homogeneity and the cycle begins again. What do you think? – TM26 (02:20:04)

M: I don’t believe there is a lifecycle of a nation. Spartan’s overdid war as a mixed society and removed themselves.

35. I am ex-infantry so I’m curious if you guys have a gear set up? Any plate carriers or chest rigs? Survival gear? I believe, as far as history is concerned the US as we know it now is over. You guys are the best. – TheGunRack1776_ (02:21:50)

DM: Got a chestrig, 6 mags, first aid kit, pistol mags, no plate carrier.
M: I don’t like guns but I wouldn’t mind collecting rifles and pistols.

36. QUESTION: When making the “Last Son Of The West” video a few years ago you used the character Eren Yeager from Attack On Titan as the template. Are you fans of the series and that’s why you used him or some other unrelated reason? And if so, how do you feel about what has been happening in the manga/anime in the last few years and the parallels many like to make with whites? — IRUNASSAULT (02:25:07)

M: Huge fan of Attack On Titan. Erin was a Titan killer and the Wanderer was a Colossus killer.

37. Hello MM, big fan from Denmark here. And as I am from Denmark, I’d like to know if you’ve read anything by Povl H Riis-Knudsen, one of the great post-war National Socialists who still lives today. If so, what are your thoughts on his atheistic view of National Socialism? – Anders Matthias (02:26:38)

DM: I read 2 essays from Riis-Knudsen and they are good beginner material. Redpilled viewpoints should become less religious and more volkish.
M: A lot of what Dr. Murdoch likes about Christianity is more European culture. Riis-Knudsen was inspired by Nietzsche.

38. Do any of you have pets? – Smoking Panda (02:45:06)

DM: I got 4 dogs and a cat. MC: GET OUT YOU FUCKING DOXXER.
M: I have a dog.

39. How do you cope with the red pill everyday? – Hyde (02:45:33)

DM: Bourbon Whiskey and I nignore it all day. MC: Unsubscribe from thots.
M: I sit around n I meditate. Hang out with friends?

40. A question for each of you in turn: What is your personal favorite episode of Murdoch Murdoch. Mine is All For Love – Nolder (02:47:31)

DM: Last Son of the West.
MC: The Ghost of Stonewall Jackson.
M: Waiting for Superman and When our Brothers Wake Up. 

41. Hi fan from sweden here! just found out about your show a couple of weeks ago and im hooked, i cant stop watching love it and keep it up. so anyways my question is following: What are your thoughts on enviromentalism? do you think it is something that is important do discuss? personally i think ecology is extremely important and we NEED to limit how cooparations destroy nature, nature is the ethnic homeland of my people and there no reason we should ignore the issue. What are your thoughts? – boofmeister (02:57:09)

DM: Nazis are the real environmentalists.
MC: Asians and Whites appreciated Nature and appreciated Mother Gaia.
M: Environment and Biology has a major impact on Europeans.

42. In your guys lifetimes, how many times have you seen racism in public? Been talking to my parents and they say they have never seen it in their everyday lives over the years, and I haven’t either. Love ya guys! – Nameless (02:58:34)

DM: I’ve seen a guy get thrown out a store after saying to a Black employee ‘They all have to go back to Africa’.
MC: I pointed to a Black girl at Walmart and called her a nigger when I was 5.
M: Haven’t seen racism in public.

43. Question for Murdoch: Have you ever built a gundam model kit? If not, why not? A decent kit will run you less than 20 bucks. Thanks for everything, all three of you. God bless you. P.S. Murdoch-chan: stop making my gf jealous. – Flip Flop (03:02:35)

DM: I built a Gundam Kit 20 years ago – Gundam Wing M: Women take and adopt whatever culture they see. We stopped at an Anime shop in Japan and I got a Gundam Kit.

44. Question: What is the best advice you have for a 21 year old trying to find his place in the world? It all seems so pointless sometimes with the endless blackpills. – TheDiiviide (03:04:50)

DM: Struggle is a part of existence. We get to rebel against the system with a real cause.
M: If you are born in a time period where evil runs supreme is everything worthless?

45. Do you like gladiator movies? — Meister Eckhart (03:06:37)

DM: I got the reference from Airplane.    
M: Eckhart found out everything is intertwined with God. Haven’t seen a gladiator movie.

46. Do you guys feel demoralized when most of /pol/ realizes that you are in fact democrat funded shills being used to derail and demoralize the MAGA movement? – Anal Release (03:08:43)

DM: Democrats are the real racists! Trump is going to destroy the deep state any day now.  MC: Oh my god you guys are onto us you hound sniffers.
M: How did they figure that out?

47. random question, but favorite car?– Bingusman (03:09:54)

DM: Anything Don Johnson drove in Miami Vice.
MC: Anything that runs.
M: 1991 Jeep Wrangler with no doors, KITT, and RoboCop’s car.

48. Hey there, I’m currently making games like the Epstein Isand Game and such others. Have you played them or watched them? I would love to know what you think about them. — Jijo Butanez (03:11:16)

M: The only game I’ve seen War Angry Goys. If anyone wants to make a Murdoch Murdoch game go ahead.

49. How do you three champions live day to day knowing what y’all know and not show you’re power levels and get doxxed? you’re virtual gods yet have to walk amongst us hidden, hats off and thank you for everything! I have 6 tee shirts and I’ll say it’s a Fucken long wait to get them here in Tasmania but so worth it🙌🏻🙌🏻 – Bee Keeper. (03:12:22)

DM: Normies are okay with killing commies but not the people in charge.
M: We’re not gods we’re losers from 4chan!

50. Do you guys actually go to Church on Sundays? – FaustianSpirit (03:14:11)

DM: I don’t know the last time I’ve been in Church. MC: I am the least religious out of the 3. M: I come from Hegelian Cosmotheism.

51. Have you guys heard of Kazuyoshi Yaginuma? He was a big key animator for Akira, among many others, and a couple years back he went on a fedposting rampage about the ruthless international elite getting its tentacles into anime and Japanese animation. He had his latest anime he was directing, Net-juu no Susume ,cut abruptly because of his absolutely based tweets. It was pretty kino too, protag and love interest get matching Hugo Boss uniforms. Also a question for everyone: If you could have an episode animated professionally, which one would it be and in what style? I’ve been having visions of an OG Berserk-like Wanderer’s Ch0ice and a Trigger-style B0rder Runners. — Ikelos (03:15:07) 

MC: Because they are so homogenous their animators are paid below living standards. I’d like The Orbiter to be animated.
M: I would like Last Son of the West to be animated.

52. Question: How should I raise a child to be based and know when to hide their power level where it isn’t socially acceptable to show it? – Dr. Murdoch (03:17:35)

DM: I am no expert in parenting. Be generous with your time, be generous with your affection, and let you kids know you love them. Take the time and invest in your kids.
MC: They are new and can’t understand the world.

53. Do you intend on killing off /r/thedonald in the show now that the subreddit has been removed? Also, have you checked out the Polstrat Project? Those guys have been blowing up lately. — Andy Dwyer (03:21:46)

DM: I got no clue what Polstrat is.
MC: What is Polstrat project?
M: I won’t kill off r/The_Donald.

54. Should we try to fight the system, or drop out, “ride the tiger” and try to internally overcome the Kali Yuga around us? – Diarmuid Sheehan (03:23:02)

DM: Ride the Tiger to me means to remain steadfast as Whites become a persecuted minority.
M: I do not believe in Kali Yuga. Ride the tiger is great because I believe in holding on to our beliefs.

55.  Do you intend to address the absolute state of /pol/, how it’s full of shills and whose goal it is to demoralize you? – spinningchurro (03:24:44)

M: I wish we could create a new message board. I disagree with people that moved over to 8chan. If everyone moves off to a new place no one has ever heard of then who cares?

56. Why dont u produce content at a faster pace – NormalStyleCrew (03:25:53)

DM: We did that stuff 4 or 5 years ago when it happened the first time.
MC: I have heard about how we have so much material, but it has already been done.
M: If you want to see stuff about Black Lives Matter then go check out No Hard R.

57. Dr. Murdoch, what albums have you been listening to lately? Favorite Genesis album? – The Hammer (03:27:07)

DM: I listen mostly to Podcasts and City Pop. My favorite Genesis albums would be Invisible Touch, Selling England by the Pound, Nursery Crime, and Return of the Giant Hogweed.

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